‘Tis the Season

This holiday season, having a full schedule is only the beginning.

Busy is an understatement this time of year.

Even part of my Thanksgiving break was split between relaxation and visits to family with a Model United Nations Conference in Chicago. As always it is an amazing experience for Hollins students to make some new academic contacts with other university students. (Oh, and naturally for Hollins students to enjoy passionate debate with male students who rarely see us coming…)

My To-Do list before the end of the semester seems to grow with every second.

Papers, presentations, meetings, work-study hours, and finishing my thesis.

Facebook is filled with the campus community’s best efforts at procrastination and motivation.

On the other hand, excitement about internship opportunities, study abroad plans, and post-graduation job offers fills the air on Hollins campus.

Recently, a mentor of mine gave me an impactful piece of advice:

You are valuable for who you are, not what you produce.

At Hollins, we are proud of what we produce. Our academics, our community, our plans for going places. All the same, we can value those things without being valued for only those things.

With only a few weeks left in the semester, self-care and perhaps even more importantly conscious self-value should be at the top of our To Do lists.

I’ll be putting on a mud mask as I finish up term papers and taking power naps between study sessions for final tests.

Even more so, I’ll be waking up every morning between now and the last day of classes telling myself that I will produce the best work I can, but never forget that I am most valued for who I am.

Luckily in the Hollins community, I’ve got the best support system of them all to help me make it.